What is mac keeper?

Although Mac’s tend to outperform Windows systems in terms of speed, Macs are not indestructible and they DO in fact slow down. This is where Mac keeper comes into play. MacKeeper is a bundled utility system specially designed for the Mac OS, it utilizes 16 security tools, to optimize and clean up the overall Mac experience. This system was created and promoted by ZeoBit LLC.  The first beta model MacKeeper 0.8 was released in May 13, 2010, and the system continued to grow to better and bigger versions from 1.0 -911 in 2010 to newest version MacKeeper 2.0 for 2012. The improved system uses newer security updates, cleaning, optimization and data control to make your Mac, greater than it seems.

This  little program has gotten much attention online and in stores. Many people seem to swear buy it. Basically, this app performs basic janitorial duties; clean up, internet security, anti-theft, backup and so many more features, that are very useful to many, it speeds up your Mac, completely making your system work to its fullest potential.

If you love your Mac computer you have no other choice than to protect, and if you are going to  keep its life going strong, why not do it with the best Mac cleanup software available; MacKeeper. Its user interface is sharp and slick, making it easy to understand and of course, a dream to use, its basic function is to keep your Mac in check but it has done so much more than that, it has shown that style and functionality, can coexist.

MacKeeper, a simple program but a hard worker at that, when ran it scans your whole system, seeking, looking, in every bit and byte to find and destroy any threat to your computer. It removes unneeded files, hidden malware, duplicated files and so much more, a little program that packs a great punch. It then runs in the background to constantly patrol your hard disk and it even protects you even on the internet, it watches your back, you may not see the virus sneaking up on you but MacKeeper, is there for you.

Protecting your Mac when a wake or in deep sleep, MacKeeper is the ideal program for all Mac users, it’s not all hype like other Mac security software, it provide a comfortable environment and ensures that you and your computer are protected. So now that your know what mac keeper is and what it can do…..

Download your free trial of MacKeeper instantly at http://MacKeeper.ZeoBit.com

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