MacKeeper by ZeoBIT, the best Mac cleaner there is, is an award-winning Mac maintenance software that brings the best of about a dozen utilities together in an all-in-one app. I have been using a Mac for about two years now, yet have never taken the time to get to know it as I think I should have. I assumed that it maintained itself, and since I was happy with its performance I did not give further consideration to maintenance. Like many people I keep up to date on technology news by reading blogs through a bunch of RSS feeds, and since I’m still relatively new to the Mac OS platform I keep up to date on app reviews. MacKeeper kept on coming up in reviews and they were always good, so I decided to give it a try myself. Unlike many apps that you have to buy, even before you can download them, MacKeeper offers a free trial download. The trial version is completely functional and you just have to enter a license key to activate the app. MacKeeper, has features for security, optimization, and cleaning, all arranged into an easy to navigate folder structure. MacKeeper offers some unique security features including a secure file shredder, encryption, antivirus, and anti-theft. Yes, Mac OS is susceptible to viruses, just like Windows PCs so you need to protect your Mac and all of its files from various types of malware including viruses, key loggers and other spyware, phishing attacks, and identity theft. MacKeeper virus protection is backed by a constantly updated virus database that ensures MacKeeper defends against the latest vulnerabilities. MacKeeper provides physical security too. Can you imagine your day without your Mac? What if it gets stolen – is your data secure? MacKeeper provides encryption and secure file deletion to make it virtually impossible for someone to recover data from your Mac. MacKeeper helps recover your Mac in case it is stolen too. The MacKeeper AntiTheft feature reports your Mac’s location and takes a photo using the built in iSight camera every five minutes, and send it to ZeoBIT whenever it is connected to the internet. You can then download the information and give it to authorities to help recover your Mac. It’s convenient to have apps start when you login, or click a file yet it can sometimes get really cumbersome, especially when you have a lot of login apps or have apps that do similar things when you open some files like ZIP and MP4 files. MacKeeper makes it easy to change your login items and apps that open whenever you click a file, solving a major annoyance. MacKeeper also cleans your system. I’m always running low on disk space and have to delete files, or move them off to some USB drive, and then try to find them later. MacKeeper includes four file cleaners that can save gigabytes of space without having to delete a single file. The Cutter cleaners remove useless parts of apps and the […]