Mac Cleaners: Why You Need A Mac Cleaner

It’s well known that Macs are easy to use – just talk to someone that does not have a Mac and ask them how much of their day they spent working versus how much time they spent working on their system!

MacKeeper is a great addition to your Mac because it works like your Mac does – it just works. MacKeeper is a highly customizable system cleaning app that keeps your Mac not only healthy, but also in top running condition so you can make best use of your powerful Mac.

MacKeeper seeks out and cleans a lot of wasted space on your computer’s hard drive – cleaning space for you to use instead. If you’re running low on disk space, or are watching your disk space get uncomfortably low, MacKeeper’s Binaries Cutter cleaner is perfect for you. MacKeeper’s Binary Cutter cleaner removes parts of your apps that you’ll never use: the parts that support much older Macs. Older Macs used to use another processor, called Power PC, and apps are packaged into something called Universal Binaries. A Universal Binary contains the code, or instructions, your Mac executes to run your app, but your Mac only ever uses one part of the instructions – the part for your Mac’s processor while the other part goes unused forever. So there’s no need to waste valuable disk space on something you’ll never use!

MacKeeper removes the part of your app that’s not useful to your Mac – if you have an Intel-based Mac (Macs have used Intel processors for years, so chances are high that you have one), MacKeeper removes the Power PC binary code from all of your apps. You’ll recover a lot of disk space without having to delete anything, or even empty your trashcan!

MacKeeper has a Languages Cutter too. Your apps can be customized for many languages, yet you probably only use one language, so there’s no need to have a lot of other languages on your system. Languages Cutter cleaner removes languages that you do not use on your system, saving a lot of disk space. As with the Binary Cutter cleaner, the Languages Cutter cleaner recovers disk space you didn’t even know you have, so you don’t have to reorganize all your files between a USB thumb drive and your Mac’s hard drive to recover some space – use MacKeeper instead!

The great thing about the Binary and Languages Clutter cleaners is that they boost the load time of your apps too – your system feels faster after removing that clutter because your apps load faster (since there’s a lot less to load).

MacKeeper also includes a Cache Cleaner. Your Mac’s cache is a temporary storage area for files that your Mac creates to get its work done faster. While your Mac is great at working quickly, it sometimes does not clean up its temporary files and ends up wasting valuable disk space. The Cache Cleaner is quick and also often recovers a lot of disk space.

The MacKeeper Logs cleaner removes old files that your Mac uses to keep certain statistics. The Logs can be safely removed from your system freeing up disk space.

As you have learned, your Mac does a lot of work in the background and sometimes does not have time to maintain temporary files, nor does it remove parts of apps that you’ll never use. MacKeeper gets your system in top shape and keeps it healthy.

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