Mac Antivirus: Why it’s necessary to have a Anti Virus program

Computer viruses cause almost 7% of computer data loss each and every year; they also make your computer run slowly. A computer virus is a special application that is designed to steal or damage information, copy itself to other computers using your network connection or email, and can sometimes help hackers do things like create a network of virus infected computer called a bot-net. Bot-nets were in recent news when thousands of unsuspecting users’ computers helped bring down the web sites of several large companies.

You may have heard that Macs are not susceptible to computer viruses, while that may have been true at one time, with millions of Macs in use today, cybercriminals are taking advantage of the mistaken sense of security most Mac owners have. Viruses do not just frustrate and prevent you from using your computer; they can create lots of problems for you and your family. Cybercriminals are increasingly using computer viruses to extort money from people: cybercriminals can infect your computer with a special virus that scrambles the files on your computer and then demands that you pay a ransom to unlock the files on your computer!

Anti-virus protection is essential in homes where children or the elderly use the internet. Cybercriminals are often opportunists and take advantage of less computer-savvy users like children and the elderly. Many kids and older people accidentally infect their own computer with a computer virus when they play free online games, or download free games, share files between users, watching TV or movies online, and a variety of other ways. Even savvy computer professionals’ computers get infected with viruses!

Anti-virus protection is necessary to protect your investment in your computer, and protect your privacy. Do you do online banking? Buy things using your credit card? Do you send or receive email? A virus can easily track everything you do on your computer – including typing passwords – and send the information to a cybercriminal that uses your details and then sells them somewhere on the internet.

MacKeeper’s antivirus protects your Mac from fraudulent web sites, unsafe downloads, spyware, identity theft, Mac viruses and other malware, and viruses from other devices or computers on your network.

MacKeeper tracks everything you do with your Mac and can detect the moment a virus tries to do something too. MacKeeper’s ZeoBIT Antivirus lab constantly sends out updates that MacKeeper downloads and uses to identify and secure viruses to ensure maximum security for your Mac.

Another great MacKeeper feature is it’s Anti-Theft protection. If your Mac ever gets stolen Anti-Theft tracks your Mac’s location and can even take photos of the thief using your Mac’s built-in iSight camera. Using AntiTheft is simple – just login to the AntiTheft web site and tell us your Mac has been stolen. The moment your Mac gets connected to the internet, MacKeeper sends as much information as it can about your Mac’s location and takes a snapshot using your Mac’s iSight camera every five minutes. You can use the information when you report the theft of your Mac to the police so that they can help reunite you with your Mac.

MacKeeper is your compete security solution that handles day-to-day security and privacy, and helps recover your Mac if it is ever stolen. Download your free trial of MacKeeper today!

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