The latest MacKeeper is an all-in-one Mac utility for maintaining a clean and protected Mac. It’s smart enough to clean your Mac’s disk space, protect your Mac from viruses, and help it run smoothly in one go. Unlike other Mac utilities, the updated MacKeeper comes with powerful privacy protection tools, so it can protect both you and your Mac.


What MacKeeper Can Do


Let’s start with the Find & Fix feature — a one-click solution for a deep, thorough Mac scan. It’s magically simple yet effective. Find & Fix scans your Mac for all excess and junk files, viruses, and unsafe items that might bog down your Mac. Fix it all in a click.


Furthermore, Find & Fix includes built-in, live chat with a Apple Certified Support Professional, who will thoroughly analyze your scan and recommend what’s best for your Mac. There’s a real person behind every chat, so you can ask any Mac question and get solutions from a dedicated expert.


MacKeeper comes with 11 easy-to-use smart tools. For convenience, they’re sorted by Cleaning, Performance, Security, and Privacy categories.

Deep Cleaning One Click Away

Safe Cleanup removes junk files that waste your Mac’s storage. Find them all — system logs, browser cache, useless language packs, offline mail attachments, and more. MacKeeper expertly removes junk files while leaving your personal files untouched.

Duplicates Finder cleans your Mac from useless file copies or duplicate files. It scans the entire Mac and removes useless replication in a click. Original files stay safe while you get more disk space.

Smart Uninstaller detects whatever is taking up your Mac’s storage — from apps and widgets to browser extensions and useless leftover files. Decide which apps you don’t need and free up gigabytes of disk space so your Mac breathes easier.


Performance Your Mac Deserves

Memory Cleaner frees up your Mac’s memory in a snap, and more available memory means a faster Mac. Furthermore, the Memory Cleaner can highlight the most memory-intensive apps and processes, so you can stop them in a single click.

Update Tracker monitors the latest versions for most your Mac apps. You don’t have to go through multiple websites to update eight different applications, Update Tracker can do that quickly and easily.

Login Items is just what you need when your Mac is taking forever to start. See which apps launch at startup and keep only those that you need. The fewer apps your Mac launches at startup, the faster you can get started browsing, working, and creating.

Security For Your Files and Your Mac

MacKeeper Internet Security tools protect what matters most — your data and security.

MacKeeper’s powerful Antivirus uses the Avira engine to smash major security threats, including malware, viruses, and spyware. For extra safety, you’ve got an Adware Cleaner that keeps your Mac free from software that may bombard you with spammy ads.

Track My Mac may help you find your Mac if it’s ever lost or stolen. It works like Mac radar. You’ll see your Mac’s location and get a photo of whoever has tried logging in. Plus, you get all this delivered to your smartphone! Be sure to install the related “Track My Mac” mobile app and set up your Mac’s protection.


Privacy Protection When You’re Online

Massive data leaks are on the rise and antivirus tools are not enough to stay truly private and protected online. Unlike other security and cleaning apps, MacKeeper comes with powerful privacy protection tools, so you enjoy total security — for you and your Mac.

VPN Secure Connect encrypts the data you send online with a secure connection. Your ISP won’t be able to trade your search history, and hackers won’t be able to intercept your personal data. Once VPN Secure Connect is enabled, you become virtually anonymous online.

Tracking Blocker adds extra privacy protection to your browsing. It stops advertisers from following your moves online by blocking website tracking. Simply install the “Tracking Blocker” Safari extension, and enjoy browsing without a trace.


Whether you’re a Mac newbie or an advanced Mac user, you’ll find MacKeeper as a perfect match for your Mac. Easy, fast, and smart, it keeps your Mac protected and in a good shape with zero effort.


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